Zanaboni: The Maximum expression of luxury furniture

“The Zanaboni experience”

Immerse yourself in the dreamlike atmosphere created by our exclusive handcrafted creations where elegance and refinement blend together in a unique and timeless style.

Made in Italy

Funded in Meda, the place of reference for the luxury furniture industry all over the world


Our creations are the result of a strong identity focused
on the human element

Timeless Style

Every piece is unique, a synthesis of art, research and design, created with the highest quality materials

Tradition open to innovation

Classic, Contemporary and Modern Collections, three different style visions for your dream house

Our Story

We have been manufacturing unique furniture for the most prestigious homes of more than 63 countries since 1967.

Our master artisans manually work with the finest raw materials, the fruit of years of experience restoring a century-old tradition of shapes and decorations. The silks used to upholster the sofas, the embroidery used to embellish the cushions, the shine of the stones, the precious wood, the pure gold and the exotic leathers all enhance the elegant and exclusive nature of the products. A code of appearance for the future in a style remaining true to its authentic tradition.

From the beating heart of the furniture industry, Zanaboni introduces itself as the creator of a prestigious and everlasting lifestyle.


The Classic, Contemporary and Modern Collections, are three different and extraordinary visions offering a varied home design range while maintaining the unique and recognizable style that has made quality its main value.




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The artisanal production

Find out how our master artisans manually work the finest raw materials to create our timeless collections.

Exclusive Projects WorldWide

Available worldwide through selected showrooms and designers, a team of architects can create customized projects, from the preliminary sketches through to the final construction, for the most prestigious corners of the world like hotels, luxury properties, yachts and institutional buildings.

Golf Club Shangai


Penthouse Miami

Apartment Paris

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Address: Via del Lavoro 13/15, 20821 Meda (MB) – ITALY
Phone: (+39) 0362-73280


Address: Via Fatebenefratelli, 15, 20121 Milano (MI) – ITALY MM Montenapoleone
Phone: (+39) 0362-73280

Address: Via del Lavoro 13/15, 20821
Meda (MB) – ITALY
Phone: (+39) 0362-73280
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